Call for solidarity to the people hit by the floodings in the Balkans

[english] / [bosanski-srpski-hrvatski]

[en] Being “Europeans” means, first of all, to feel responsible one of the others. This lies in the concept of “European solidarity”, often recalled during this electoral campaign. Now it’s time to act.
Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia (and, eve if in a smaller extent, also Croatia) are facing one of the heaviest calamity of the latest 100 years, huge floodings that caused tens of deaths and incalculable damages. For the ones willing to help, we advise the following bank account numbers for donations ruled by:
– the Red Cross in Bosnia-Herzegovina:
– Serbian Government:
– Red Cross in Croatia:
We of course express all of our vicinity to the hit people.

[ba-sr-hr] Biti europljani znaći prije svega osjećati se odgovorni jedni za druge. To leži u konceptu “europske solidarnosti”, koji se često citira u ovoj izbornoj kampanji. Vrijeme je da se ide na činjenice: ispod možete pronaći načine kako pomoći, i nadamo se da ćemo biti korisni. Hrabro!